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Norfolk produces new cycle helmet resource

Wednesday 19th May 2010

Norfolk County Council has produced a new resource promoting the use of cycle helmets by young cyclists.

The DVD features a fictional scenario, complimented by a real life account of the long-term consequences of head injuries delivered by a victim, his family and health professionals.

The DVD is divided in to chapters to enable it to be used in assemblies, classroom sessions or as a support to cyclist training.

There are linked pages on the council's website that provide further resources and the opportunity to update information.

The resource is available for other road safety teams to purchase and can be personalised to carry logos and branding. Prices range from £6 plus VAT per DVD for quantities of 50, to £3.40 per DVD for quantities of 200.

Contact Philip Archer on 01603 224202 for a sample copy or more information, or to order contact Henry Marshall-Nichols on 01603 222624.


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Since, according to all the reliable evidence, cycle helmets do not prevent death or injury, just what is the point of this DVD?
Richard Burton, Bristol

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