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RideSafe Backsafe issues TT plea

Friday 14th May 2010

Ridesafe BackSafe has issued a plea to all road users in advance of the annual pilgrimage by tens of thousands of motorcycle racing enthusiasts en route to the Isle of Man TT races.

The vast majority of spectators will travel by ferry from Heysham and Liverpool and RideSafe BackSafe is urging every road user in the region to ‘think bike, think biker’.

Emma Kelly, Merseyside communications manager, says: “A significant number of men, women and even very young TT enthusiasts will be travelling through the area as motorcycle riders and pillions.

“Please consider how vulnerable people are on motorcycles and take a moment to look twice at every turn, every lane change and every junction. We also ask motorcycle riders to be considerate, plan your route and blend with the local traffic to keep everyone moving safely.”  

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Excellent advice for all road users.

Riders - please keep control in your hands and don't rely on any other road user to do the right thing. Look all around and keep scanning and planning - use the information to keep you out of trouble. Ride at a speed that will enable you to stop comfortably on your side of the road within the distance you can see to be clear.
Mark - Wiltshire

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