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Biker campaign builds on DfT approach

Wednesday 12th May 2010

A new motorcycle campaign has been launched in Yorkshire and the Humber to build on the DfT’s work earlier in the year to personalise riders.

West Yorkshire, Safer Roads Humber and Safer Roads South Yorkshire have worked together to produce the ‘Someone’s Son’ campaign, which is aimed at riders and other road users.

The campaign combines radio adverts and visual materials including hi viz tabards carrying slogans such as 'someone's son' 'someone's daughter', 'someone's grandad' or 'someone's best mate'. The tabards are designed to enable riders to become part of the campaign by re-enforcing the message in real time on the roads.

The campaign seeks to remind drivers to take an extra second to look out for two wheeled vehicles and to remind riders that the roads are different every time they ride.

Click on the links below to listen to the radio commercials.

Advert 1 | Advert 2 | Advert 3 | Advert 4

For more information contact Dave Glanville on 0113 247 5804 or visit:


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Thanks Roy. Motorcycles do seem to illicit very emotive responses from people.
Dave, Leeds

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I cannot praise this approach highly enough. Too often other road users are percieved as merely dehumanised vehicles and forget that they are driven or ridden by someone's loved one. Let me tell you a story. Over dinner in a French B&B, a fellow guest expressed her hatred for motorcyclists. She said, "If I thought I could get away with it, I would willing force a motorcyclist off the road, down a ravine, hopefully to his death." I was sat at the table with my 12 year old son. My motorcycle could be seen through the window. I pointed this out and introduced my son to her. I asked her if she would like to reconsider her venomous comment. She declined saying it was my fault for being a motorcyclist not her's for being evil. Our biggest problem in road safety is not the lack of skill but the lack of altruism. Stick with it Dave and good luck.
Roy Buchanan Sutton

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