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Move on up! gets a facelift

Wednesday 21st April 2010

Sandwell’s road safety team has produced a new version of its popular magazine ‘Move On Up!’.
Initially produced more than 12 years ago, Move On Up! aims to address the problem of the high number of child pedestrian and cycling accidents peaking around the age when pupils transfer from primary to secondary school.
Produced in a contemporary and visually appealing manner designed to appeal to this age group, the magazine covers all the relevant issues in an ‘engaging, dramatic and humorous’ style.
The magazine cost 32p per copy and can be purchased from Sandwell’s road safety team - contact John Billington for more information.


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The first version of the magazine was published about 11 years ago and there has been a continual high demand with over 800,000 copies printed (I can assure you that this hasn't equated to untold profits!). I think the appeal of a magazine is that it's a relatively cheap and "instant" way to reach a large number of people. I am sure there would be benefits of an online magazine though obviously the main obstacle to overcome would be directing enough users to it.
John Billington Sandell MBC

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This looks to be a fantastic resource, but there may be a duplication of resources between school travel and road safety again as Upgrade is within most London boroughs. Although it is much more expensive to facilitate as it has other components such as a teacher and parent pack. I'd like to have feedback as to the uptake of the paper magazine and is there any benefit to having an online magazine or on one of the social network sites?
Carla Lowe

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