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Students design fashionable protective clothing

Monday 19th April 2010

Students from Leeds College of Art & Design have taken part in a competition to design clothing for young scooter riders which would be both fashionable and protective in the event of a crash.

The competition was organised by Leeds' road safety unit and Bulletproof ™ Clothing. The winner and the runners up received their prizes at a mock fashion photo shoot at the college and the winning design could be produced by Bulletproof ™ as part of their range.

Dave Glanville, RSO, said: "There’s traditionally been an issue with young riders suffering unpleasant injuries in the event of a crash because they tend not to wear any protective clothing.

“This competition has got young designers thinking about the issues and hopefully young riders thinking about what they wear when they ride.

“The students involved in the competition have done a huge amount of work and we're all been very impressed by results.”

Contact Dave Glanville on 0113 2475804 for more information.


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Good idea, we need to attract scooter riders in the wearing of decent protective apparel. I was talking recently to a shop owner and suggested that for the oldies one should put protective armour into Parka's or USA army jackets.

Whilst this may go some way to reduce upper body injuries by far the greatest number of injuries are to those to the pelvis area , hips, upper legs, lower legs, ankles and feet.
bob craven

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