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'Drifting' into road safety

Tuesday 13th April 2010

Road Safety for North West will run a hands-on driving experience for young drivers who visit the JDM Allstars European Drifting Championships at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, 17-18 April.

Originally from Japan, ‘drifting’ has grown rapidly in the UK and is currently Europe’s fastest growing motorsport. Drivers are measured on angle, speed, style and overall impact as they navigate a circuit of turns. Drifting events are getting attendances of more than 10,000 and JDM Allstars is the UK’s biggest professional drift series.

Young drivers attending the event will be encouraged to visit the ‘Save it for the track’ zone to check out the latest vision racer simulator pods, to test their metal on the latest driving computer games. There will also be ‘control karts’ where driving skills can be tested to the limit around a specially designed track.

Linda Sanderson, Road Safety for North West, said: “One of the greatest killers of young drivers is a lack of experience and this is a unique and innovative way of learning to control a car in a totally safe setting.”

For more information about drifting visit:


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