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Police forces launch all-Wales mobile phone campaign

Wednesday 31st March 2010

The four Welsh police forces, in partnership with Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, the Welsh Assembly Government, and Road Safety Wales have launched an anti mobile phone driving campaign.

Police patrols targeting mobile phone driving will increase across Welsh roads during April to promote the safety message and raise awareness of the dangers and penalties.

Assistant chief constable Richard Lewis of South Wales Police said: “The campaign is aimed at raising awareness amongst drivers about the real dangers involved when driving whilst using a mobile phone.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the phone to your ear or you’re texting on your lap, research shows that it affects concentration and reduces hazard perception and reactions.

“One of the five major contributory factors in all fatal and serious injury collisions nationally, involve the misuse of mobile phones by drivers.”

Click here to read the full Road Safety Wales news release.


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The holier than thou attitude to this problem will not solve it, neither will draconian police action again against the hard working motorist. The SatNav., CD player and the mobile phone are here to stay. So how can we reduce their distraction level?. In car hands free for all systems should be inbuilt in all new vehicles and easily and cheaply availble for existing vehicles. Driver training, theory and practical must include safe use of these devices. For instance the emergency services and air crew (& Formula 1 drivers ) all use radio at the most critical times with enhanced safety i.e.they are trained and learn the multitasking skills necessary. in Dublin city the tour bus drivers do the commentary and precisely negotite the traffic in the narrow streets impeccably. Until this approach and attitude is adopted we will not progess. Don't be PC be realistic!
Mike Cross, Amlwch Anglesey (

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