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Air bag jacket 'could save lives'

Monday 16th February 2009

Dozens of motorcyclists' lives could be saved every year if air bag jackets were made compulsory, accident and emergency doctors have said.

The jackets are the equivalent of car air bags and inflate if the rider is thrown off during a crash. In one version, the jacket is attached to the bike by a lead which detaches when the rider has come off suddenly.

The DfT said it had no plans for a new law but said it welcomed anything to improve safety.

Andy Parfitt, an A&E doctor at St Thomas' Hospital in London and a keen biker, said: "I think dozens of lives could be saved if these jackets were made compulsory. There's no question that they protect a motorcyclists' vital organs, neck and spine over and above the level that a normal jacket would do.

"A majority of deaths in motorcycle accidents are due to injuries to these vital organs that should be protected by these jackets."

Click here to read the full BBC News report.


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Further to that, quite a number of accidents do not involve riders being thrown from their bikes, so the inflating part does not come into effect.

As i said it has a limited ability to save persons from injury.
bob craven

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Not much cop if u land on your helmet and split your skull.

However i do appreciate the possibility of reducing some serious injuries to upper body, but no protection for the legs and they are in the greatest danger in an accident. As we all know we can die from bleeding out due to broken femur.

Also they are new and the price will dictate there sales.It will be some time before they become accepted and there will be a lot of resistance in some quarters that may or not be overcome.
Bob Craven, Blackpool

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