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BT halves collision rate and cuts annual costs by £10m+

Monday 29th March 2010

BT, which operates one of the largest motor fleets in Europe, has cut its collision rate from approximately 60 per thousand vehicles in 2001 to 30 in 2009, reducing costs by around £12m per annum in the process (Interactive Driving Systems newsletter).

The reduction has been achieved through a range of initiatives including Europe’s biggest ever driver risk assessment, monitoring and improvement program touching over 65,000 people, and community engagement through its ‘Family and Friends’ road safety initiative.

Tony Holt, BT’s travel safety expert, said: “In the past 12 months the collision rate reduction has reached a plateau, which has led us to further enhance our program through the ongoing development of our risk data-warehouse which has been run and managed by Interactive Driving Systems for the past eight years.

“Improved collision data, DriverINDEX, OneToOne and a renewed push on our Starting Point driver risk assessment, monitoring and improvement project are all key elements of the program.”
Click here for detailed case studies of BT’s program.


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