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Young drivers' film shows dangers of peer pressure

Tuesday 16th March 2010

A short film illustrating the dangers young drivers face when subject to peer pressure has gone live on the web.

The film is the next stage of the Drive SMART initiative, launched by Surrey County Council and Surrey Police to tackle anti-social driving.

The film shows how easy it is for a young driver, coerced by friends, to take unnecessary risks at dangerous speeds on the road – with devastating consequences.  

In a clear challenge to young drivers it asks: ‘Can you stand up to your mates?’ and urges them to ‘Be strong’. 

Dr Andrew Povey, leader of Surrey County Council, said: "Young drivers are particularly vulnerable on the road and putting a film about road safety on the internet is one way of encouraging them to take more care.

“Their inexperience and exuberance behind the wheel, especially when driving with friends, can have devastating consequences - so our Drive SMART campaign aims to highlight these dangers to encourage young people to drive more carefully."
The viral marketing campaign will see a link to the film clip, now on YouTube, placed on web sites and forums used by young people, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as partner web sites. People viewing the clip will also be encouraged to pass it on to friends and colleagues who may know young people in the right age category.

Click here to view the film.

Or for more information contact Duncan Knox on 0208 541 7443.



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powerful film, very smart.
louise - london

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