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Award-winning film makes teens think twice

Tuesday 9th March 2010

An award-winning film commissioned by Newcastle’s road safety team and further developed by Road Safety GB North East is available for other road safety teams to use.

Ghost Street, a 10-minute film made in Tyneside to make teenagers think twice about road safety, scooped the Best Drama category at the Royal Television Society Awards in Gateshead.

The film has also received four nominations in the IVCA (International Visual Communications Association) Awards, which will be presented in London on 26 March.

In Ghost Street, a series of spooky victims of road accidents haunt a quiet urban street; a zombie skateboarder, an 80s throwback and a young mum-to-be with eternal morning sickness provide words of warning to the lead character, Tabby, who is too focussed on her mp3 player, Facebook and boys.

The film was shown in schools in the north east before being rolled out nationally.

Cheryl Ford, RSO, said: ”I’m thrilled at the success of Ghost Street. The film is doing exactly what it was meant to do, reaching the imagination of teenagers, giving a cautionary tale and getting them to think about their behaviour when around roads.

“Winning the award is a testament to the imagination and hard work put into Ghost Street by all those involved. Dene Films did a marvellous job of producing a film that is engaging and memorable.”

For more information contact Cheryl Ford on 0191 2115961.

Alternatively, to order resources or view the film visit:

Photo credit: photo courtesy of Topher McGrillis.


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Have a look at what the Newcastle Cycling Campaign and many others think about this gory initiative

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Katja, Newcastle

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i would like to see the whole video
colin tett bridgwater

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