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THINK! produces exhibitions to support 'Named Riders' campaign

Wednesday 3rd March 2010

New THINK! mobile exhibitions have been developed to support the new ‘Named Bikers’ campaign that was launched earlier this week.

‘Named Riders’ marks a new approach by THINK! after research showed drivers are more likely to notice motorcyclists on the roads if they personally know a biker.

The adverts put bikers at the centre of the new campaign to encourage drivers to see the person behind the helmet. The TV ads show bikers with flashing neon signs attached to their bikes. The signs show the rider's name and describe personality traits such as 'shy retiring type' or 'new dad'. 

The exhibitions will be available for RSOs to order from 8 March. For more information contact Glyn Robinson at the DfT on 020 7944 4341.



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