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Irish transport minister to review speed regulations

Monday 15th February 2010

Noel Dempsey, Ireland’s minister for transport, has said he will examine regulations governing speed limits on Irish roads.

Replying to questioning by Labour spokesman Tommy Broughan, Mr Dempsey said: “I am unsure whether they need to be so rigid or whether there is a need to amend the Road Traffic Act. It may be possible to make changes through the regulations and I will examine that possibility.”

Mr Dempsey said he would support anything that would help to reduce the level of speeding, adding he was unsure why there were not more speed limits painted on to the roads. He said he would take up the matter with the Road Safety Authority.

Click here to read the full Irish Times news release.



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Painting speed limits on the road adds to their conspicuity and signals that the regulating authority is serious about speeding: but make sure you use non-slip paint or there will be the unintended consequence of more powered two-wheeler crashes!
Steve Stradling, Manchester

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