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Former police motorcyclist honoured

Friday 12th February 2010

A former police officer has been recognised for his work passing on life-saving skills to motorcyclists.

Bob Brown helped set up the BikeWise scheme in 1995 to break down barriers between police and bike enthusiasts – and now the 53-year-old has been honoured with Motorcycle News' Hero of the Year Award.

The former sergeant, who retired from Durham Constabulary two years ago, said being given the award was ‘phenomenal’, adding that he was ‘absolutely honoured, privileged and gobsmacked’.

Bob and fellow ex-police officer Mick Alder continue to support the scheme. Together they run BikeWise Training, which teaches advanced skills to riders and is supported by police and Durham County Council.

Click here to read the full Sunderland Echo news report.



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Congratulations Bob, a well deserved award. You've set a great example to all those involved in motorcycling - brilliant!
Mark - Wiltshire.

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I can honestly say that Bob is the most enthusiatic supporter of safe motorcycling I have ever met. His combined skill, wealth of knowledge, and experience has made a huge contribution to motorcycling over many years and is without doubt making a massive difference. Fom 6 years old's on mini bikes to 60 year old's on super bikes, Bob supports them all, and makes them all safer. We are very pleased to have Bob and his training partner, Mick Alder, working with us in Durham. Keep up the good work Bob, and you never know, you might get a new bike!
Alan Kennedy, Road Safety Section Manager, Durham - Chair, RSGB

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Ah, what joy? Isn't it heart-warming to hear of a hero being honoured. Well done Bob and thanks for all you have done in the interest of motorcycling.
Roy Buchanan, Principal Road Safety Officer, London Borough of Sutton

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Congratulations Bob, a well deserved award for all the great work you do for the riders in and around Durham.
Dave Glanville, Leeds

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