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People power backs 'Embrace Life'

Friday 29th January 2010

A Facebook campaign is underway to put Embrace Life, the latest campaign from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP), on national television.

Released on 20 January, Embrace Life has swept around the Internet, pulling hits to the campaign website from 58 countries. 

Facebook, in particular, is driving traffic to the seat belt campaign and one viewer has created a group to have it screened on national TV.

Neil Hopkins, communications manager for SSRP, said: “I am delighted by the way that Embrace Life has been welcomed by the public. We developed the concept to provide a talking point around the issue of individuals not wearing their seat belts.

“It appears we’ve touched a nerve with the campaign, and I’ve received many positive comments about how Embrace Life delivers an emotional impact without the use of blood or gore.

“We are keen to open dialogue with the team at the DfT responsible for putting out national road safety TV campaigns.”

For further information contact Neil Hopkins.


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Just playing Devil's Advocate here. Would there be a chance that people will get the impression that if they hold on to someone in a collision they could save them? We all know that wouldn't be the case. Just a thought...
David, Shropshire

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I absolutely love it! Big congratulations for developing a positive seat belt message. Embrace Life - sure you could this slogan could be used for other RS topics too.
Liz, Lewisham.

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