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Giant 'hodgeheg' helps deliver safety message

Monday 11th January 2010

More than 4,500 Key Stage 1 pupils received a copy of Sandwell’s publication ‘The Green Man’, a book which helps children learn about crossing the road safely. And more than 4,500 Key Stage 2 pupils received a copy of Dick King-Smith’s book ‘The Hodgeheg’ - a story about a family of hedgehogs who have to cross a busy road to get to a park.
Although all schools in the Borough take part in a successful pedestrian training scheme any extra opportunity to add to the drip-drip learning approach is a bonus.

With a message from Dick King-Smith on the cover, everyone involved was delighted by the project which concluded an all time low in child casualties.
David Lyonette, Darlington Council’s cabinet member for transport, said: “It is important that children develop good road sense from an early age. The books will help them understand the importance of road safety in a fun and interesting way.”

For further information contact Norma Sheppard on 01325 388717.



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