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Brake organises 2Young2Die competition

Thursday 17th December 2009

The road safety charity Brake is running a national road safety competition aimed at young people aged 11-25 years.

The competition, which is part of Brake’s 2Young2Die campaign, aims to involve young people with road safety and empower them to make a difference to the attitudes and behaviour of their peers.

The competition challenges young people to form a group to promote the 2Young2Die campaign in their school, college or community group.

In order to participate, the group must do two things. First, organise a road safety event in their area, such as arranging a photo call for the local media or creating a road safety commercial; second, they must run a fundraising event for Brake.

The competition runs until April 2010.
Click here for further information or call Brake on 01484 530085.




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Road Safety GB is the voice of, not just road safety, but that of local government practitioners. Brake is continually being discredited by knowledgeable commentators for its extravagant and often insupportable statements, not to mention its disregard for road safety officers working in local authorities. I recall our North West Section being particularly offended in the past by this organisation. Please note, that in the above initiative the second requirement is to have a fund raising activity for Brake. I urge colleagues not to get involved with this scheme.
Roy Buchanan, Principal Road Safety Officer, Sutton

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