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Photographer develops drink drive resource

Monday 14th December 2009

A 24-year-old photographer is developing a resource to show young people the potentially devastating consequences of drink driving.
Mike McAdam is project manager and author of the Anti Drink Drive Resource Pack which includes a short documentary currently showing on YouTube.
The target audience for the Resource Pack is young people aged between 14-18 years, an age group that Mike believes current Government anti drink-drive campaigns do not target.
Mike says: “I have been working on the Resource Pack for the past two and a half years and achieved support from reputable organisations and talented individuals, as well as funding from various local government agencies.

“I have conducted extensive research through youth groups and organisations, Facebook, and an online questionnaire that more than 200 young people completed.

“This has enabled me to understand how young people feel about drink driving, and how they think they could best learn more about it.

“From this research I have created posters, interactive leaflets and a short documentary to raise awareness of the serious consequences drink driving can have.”

For further information contact Mike McAdam on 07972 463161.

Click here to view the documentary.



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