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Looking for lollipops in Oxfordshire

Monday 30th November 2009

Oxfordshire’s road safety team has produced a recruitment flyer to attract more school crossing patrols.

The flyer features comments by current patrols, including “1/2 hour of smiling and waving feels good” and “you see generations of children grow up”.
Mandy Rigault, manager of Oxfordshire’s SCP service, said: “We were looking for a way to attract more people to the job. The position of lollipop is at the heart of the school community and we wanted to reflect that in our flyer.

“We asked our patrols what they liked about their job and these are some of the things they said.

“Schools can have as many flyers as they need to distribute in the local area and we’ve also produced an A3 poster using the same design.”
For more details contact Mandy Rigault on 01865 343167.



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Need a few more in Portsmouth Hampshire as well.
Mick Bradley Portsmouth

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