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'Star Walker' success in Leicestershire

Monday 30th November 2009

An increase in the number of children walking to school is being put down to Leicestershire’s ‘Star Walker’ scheme.

And following its success in the county, Leicester City Council is considering introducing Star Walker into its schools.

‘Star Walker’ rewards children with a star every time they walk to school, which they can they swap for rewards.

Even children who do not live in walking distance of the school can participate. Parents park at a designated spot outside the ‘Star Walker zone’ and walk the rest of the journey.

One Loughborough school has reduced the number of children arriving in cars by more than 50% since introducing ‘Star Walker’ in April last year, and the picture is similar at other schools.

Lesley Pendleton, county council cabinet member for highways and transportation, said: “The results of the Star Walker scheme are tremendous - we are seeing a decreasing trend in the number of cars arriving at the school gate.

“This helps reduce the problem of congestion and, hopefully, improves air quality in the vicinity of the school. Most importantly fewer car journeys improves the health and safety of our children.”

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