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Singers convey streetlights message

Monday 16th November 2009

The Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership took its ‘Street Lights Mean 30’ campaign to Tunbridge Wells on 14 November, as part of a campaign to cut the number of crashes that occur each year across the county’s 30mph zones.

The Tunbridge Wells event is one of eight being held across Kent. Shoppers are invited to enjoy a performance by the ‘Street Light Singers’, who are dressed in 9ft costumes and sing a variety of songs.

Sarah Temlett, the partnership’s communications officer, said: “Two-thirds of all crashes in which people are killed or seriously injured happen in built-up areas where the speed limit is 30mph or less.

“Many drivers who receive speeding tickets say they had no idea they were travelling in a 30mph zone. Yet by driving at 35mph instead of 30mph, you are twice as likely to kill someone.

“This campaign aims to get across, in a light-hearted way, the very serious message that Street Lights Mean 30.”

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