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Merseyside Police 'meet and greet' at biker gatherings

Monday 9th November 2009

As part of an ongoing initiative to advise motorcyclists about safety issues, Merseyside Police and RideSafe BackSafe have heralded their visits to local ‘bike meets’ a great success.

Thousands of motorcyclists in the area meet regularly at cafes and pubs and police motorcyclists are now joining them to discuss safety issues, share publicity campaigns and promote the benefits of rider training.

Mike Abram, roads policing officer, says: “This demonstrates that engaging with motorcyclists, rather than simply having a police presence at a social gathering, is very effective. Bikers now approach us in a relaxed atmosphere and show a great deal of interest in the knowledge and guidance we want to share.”

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I believe that there should be a more pro active presence on the roads and places used by bikers. Lets face it its only the few [maybe 2 or 3%] that make it difficult for the rest of us. Though I am sure that some others would not agree.

I would like to see police motorcyclists used more in riding the so called dangerous roads and making there own observations and recommendations.

I went up to Hartside in Cumbria last year early on and it is a well known bikers graveyard and I found at least two hairpin bends with the centre seams opening up by about 3/4 inch and leaving a tram track some 20 ft plus long and about 1 inch deep. Now that could take out any bike, even those being ridden responsibly.
bob craven Blackpool

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