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Irish government to cut drink-driving limit

Wednesday 21st October 2009

Noel Dempsey, Ireland's transport minister, has insisted he will push ahead with plans to lower the drink-driving limit despite threats of a revolt by Fianna Fáil backbenchers (Irish Examiner).

Mr Dempsey intends to lower the blood-alcohol concentration limit from 80mg per 100ml to 50mg per 100ml in forthcoming legislation.

Road safety campaigners say the reduced limit would save lives but some Fianna Fáil TDs believe it could do further damage to rural life and spell the end for many pubs.

"This is hugely important," Mr Dempsey told RTÉ Radio. "It’s about saving lives, reducing injuries and I’m absolutely committed to it, the Government is committed to it [and] it is in the Programme for Government."

Mr Dempsey admitted that some of the backbenchers had "very serious issues" in relation to the proposed reduction. But he expressed confidence that he could win them over.

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