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Texaco's 'Hector Tour' seeks help from RSOs

Monday 19th October 2009

Texaco is asking RSOs to help deliver safety messages to primary age children through its 'Hector' campaign, which is supported by Road Safety GB.

Pupils from across England and Wales will be given a lesson on how to stay safe on the roads by Hector, the streetwise face of child road safety from the Texaco brand. Hector - a schoolboy with a ‘particularly peculiar imagination’ - and his team plan to tour 20 regional locations between 16-27 November.

Appreciating that RSOs are the road safety experts, Texaco is keen to work with local road safety teams. As such, RSOs are being asked to help with the Hector tour in the following locations: Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Southampton, London, Portsmouth, Ashford, Preston, Blackpool, Stoke on Trent, Leicester, Swansea, Oxford, Derby and Coventry.

Parents visiting Texaco service stations from the last week in October will be able to collect free Hector materials. A range of promotional materials including a DVD (animated by triple Oscar winners, Aardman Productions), books, reflective stickers, reflective Pac-A-Macs and lollipops, will also be available for RSOs to order.

Click here to register your interest in helping with the tour, or to order Hector materials.



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I understand that there was RSO input in the original storylines for the Hector booklets and DVD.
I agree that further RSO assistance would be valuable in the development of any future materials. RSO input will definitely be appreciated on the Hector tour and with the distribution of the free resources.
I will be representing Road Safety GB during a number of radio interviews about Hector that will happen in November.
James Gibson, Press & PR Officer Road Safety GB

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Does anyone know if RSO's were consulted at the production of the materials stage, or are we only being asked to help with the distribution? I don't remember having the chance to input to Hector - did it go through Road Safety GB?
Mandy Rigault - Oxford

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