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Road Safety GB campaign highlights clock change danger

Monday 19th October 2009

Road Safety GB has launched a campaign to highlight the extent of the danger presented to children by the darker evenings that follow October’s clock change.

The Great Britain Road Casualty 2008 figures show that more than twice the number of child pedestrians were killed on the nation’s roads in November compared with October and December, while there is a 10% increase in the overall number of pedestrian fatalities. 

With Britain’s clocks moving back one hour this coming Sunday (25 October), Road Safety GB has launched a campaign to support the DfT's ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ message.  The national campaign encourages children to wear bright, reflective clothing, especially for walks to and from school – but Road Safety GB is also calling for adults and drivers to be more aware at this time of year. 

Alan Kennedy, chairman of Road Safety GB, said:  “Although the number of people being killed or injured on our roads is decreasing, the change in the clocks makes November particularly dangerous for all road users – especially in the evening rush hour.  During the week, nearly 40% of all pedestrian casualties occur between 3pm and 6pm, and the darker evenings mean drivers and pedestrians need to take extra care on our roads.

“’Be Bright, Be Seen’ places the responsibility on people of all ages to ensure children wear bright, reflective clothing – but also on rush hour drivers to be especially watchful during their journeys, ensuring headlights are working correctly.”

The Road Safety GB campaign comprises a poster which members can use in schools, youth clubs and other suitable venues.  The campaign features three pairs of children walking on a pavement alongside a road - in each case one child is wearing hi-vis clothing while the other is not. The headline says: 'SEE the difference it makes'.

The campaign has been financed by Road Safety GB and developed in partnership with the THINK! team.  It is designed to complement the THINK! 'Be bright' resources, which are part of the Tales of the Road campaign that primarily targets children.

Campaign resources are available FOC for Road Safety GB members to download from the members' section of this website. Alternavitely, for more information or assistance with regard to the campaign please contact Jo Lazar on 01379 650112.


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