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Drivers don't know drink drive limit

Monday 30th March 2009

Research by AXA has revealed that the majority of British motorists don't know what the drink drive limit is (Channel 4).

The study showed that 60% of UK drivers don't know the drink drive limit, while more than a quarter of drivers believe they can drink significantly more than the legal alcohol limit.

AXA asked 800 drivers to answer questions about the drink drive laws and only 39% stated that the legal alcohol limit for driving is the equivalent of one pint of beer. 28% think the limit is higher, with 13% believing that the legal maximum is the equivalent of a pint and a half of beer. The survey revealed that 13% of drivers think they can down two pints of beer and still drive legally – and a 2% minority said the limit was even higher.

Click here to read the full Channel 4 news report.



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