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Walk to School event has road safety benefits

Monday 12th October 2009

The theme for International Walk to School Month (October 09) is ‘Count Me In’, and schools, nurseries and leisure centres across South Lanarkshire have been invited to take part.
Posters have been put up at schools and other establishments to promote the event. Teachers and other members of staff will also be encouraging children and their parents to walk to school, or park further away and walk some of the way.

Councillor John Murray said: “Walking to school has clear benefits for children and parents’ health. It also means that the young people are reaping the benefits of practical road safety awareness.

“Even parking a distance away and walking is much better than trying to get a drop-off point right next to the school gates. We have all seen how crowded the entrances and exits to schools can get with cars and some people’s selfish parking can put children in danger.”

For further information contact James Davitt.


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