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Dots being joined ahead of annual conference

Thursday 9th November 2017

The agenda for the 2018 Data Analysts' Conference is beginning to take shape, with details of the first speakers announced.

Organised by Road Safety GB in partnership with Road Safety Analysis, the third edition of ‘Joining the Dots’ will take place in London on 27 February 2018.

Under the theme 'Making Data the Common Language of Road Safety', the 2018 conference will once again bring together collision and casualty data analysts and those who work in connected fields - including fire and rescue services, academic institutions and public health.

The keynote address will be delivered by Sir Nic Cary, former head of data policy at the DfT, who currently works for the transport intelligence specialists, WaySphere.

During his time at the DfT, Nic Cary focussed on the transforming effect that access to good quality data can have on the economy. His work spanned data policy, the digitisation of public services, user needs research, Cabinet Office and Treasury approvals and the integration of third party supplier work, including that of digital agencies.

Dr Ivo Wengraf, research and data manager at the RAC Foundation, will also present at the conference.

Dr Wengraf’s research focuses on areas including young driver safety, deprivation and the journey to work, and the environmental impact of changes to driving style.

Suzy Charman, research director at the Road Safety Foundation, is another confirmed to speak at the event. Ms Charman is responsible for overseeing the technical quality and delivery of the Foundation’s research portfolio.

Other speakers on the agenda, which is not yet complete, are Laurence Oakes Ash (City Science), and Bruce Walton (Road Safety Analysis).

Click here to find out more; and here to register as a delegate.


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As well as discussing the intelligent use of data once it's been collated, I hope some time will be spent trying to establish if that data is accurate in the first place and can be relied upon i.e. Stats 19 contributory factors which informs a lot of what is done, but which for me, is still the weakest link.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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