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Older drivers benefit from annual awareness week

Wednesday 1st November 2017

More than 1,300 older drivers benefitted from advice and support on a wide range of issues as part of 2017 Older Driver Awareness Week (2-6 Oct).

The annual initiative is organised by the Hampshire-based Older Drivers Forum, a not-for-profit organisation that brings together professionals from a range of sectors dedicated to improving road safety.

The 2017 Older Driver Awareness Week featured five community events across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight - with more than 1,300 older drivers attending.

Organisations represented at the events included Hampshire Constabulary, Hampshire County Council, Age UK, Boots Opticians, IAM RoadSmart and the British Horse Society.

Advice given to older drivers covered: how to book a driving assessment; the importance of arranging regular eyesight tests; how health issues can affect driving; the consequences of not being fit to drive; and alternatives to driving and staying independent without a car.

Sgt Rob Heard, Hampshire Constabulary’s road safety lead, said: “The 2017 Older Drivers Awareness Week was our best so far.

“As well as the strong turnout at each venue, those attending all gave positive feedback and found the events extremely useful with a huge number signing up for voluntary appraisals from our partner agencies.

“The week remains a great way to raise awareness of the help we can offer to older drivers, and how we can give advice and support on a wide range of issues that can affect our older generation from health and wellbeing to avoiding scams and frauds.”

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