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Week-long campaign will highlight benefits of PTW commuting

Monday 22nd May 2017

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is encouraging local authorities to use Ride to Work Week 2017 as an opportunity to positively engage with riders.

Taking place between 19-25 June, the annual event aims to encourage a shift towards powered two wheel (PTW) commuting.

Using the tagline #commutehappy, the campaign highlights the benefits of riding a PTW to work, which include saving time and money, easier parking and improving road skills.

As an example of good practice to local authorities, the MCIA points to Northamptonshire, where the county council ‘embraces motorcycles and scooters as a sustainable transport mode within the countywide transport programme’.

Northamptonshire has benefitted from the MCIA’s ‘Motorcycle Safety and Transport Policy Framework’, which provides local authorities with a blueprint showing how to encourage safe commuting via PTW.

For 2017, the MCIA has refreshed the Ride to Work Week website, including a host of new downloads which are available free of charge. The downloads include logos, posters, flyers and infographics identifying the main reasons why people ride to work.

For employers, there are also slides providing information on accredited training courses and advances in technology.

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Iain - many decades ago when some 70% of road traffic was on two wheels the only item of clothing that one needed to put of was a waterproof coat usually seal/oil skin. How very different from today.
g craven

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As someone who commutes daily by motorcycle or scooter, I can absolutely confirm that it does save time. Modern bike kit doesn't take long to put on and in many cases suitable clothing can be worn over the office suit. The advantages on the road significantly outweigh the time taken at either end, which is why PTW's should be considered part of the network solution.
Iain Temperton

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It can hardly take less time to go to work when one considers that one puts on motorcycle clothing, under garments, helmet, gloves, boots, trousers including high vis and/or waterproofs. Get the bike out and do the checks and then commute to work. Then when at work change somewhere into ordinary clothing and pack up all the gear and put is somewhere safe until it comes time to do it again. All that takes time. Has that been added up. At one time, many years ago it was what was worn every day, now it's not.
Bob Craven Lancs

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Perhaps they could highlight the current rapid increase in motorcycle thefts and muggings and violence towards PTW riders in London and some other capital cities. 700% increase in theft some 16,000 bikes a year stolen in London. Bristol with a 2.5% conviction rate for theft of bikes.

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