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End of the road for maps?

Wednesday 16th September 2009

A new survey reveals that the majority of drivers aged under 25 now rely entirely on satellite navigation - but older drivers still prefer a printed road map.

Car breakdown specialists Autonational Rescue commissioned the new survey around one key question:  ‘When you set off on a long journey where do you get your directions?’

31% of respondents said they would refer to a road map first to double check location and route, but only 10% of under 25s would do this.

34% of respondents said they would print a route finder from the Internet and take it with them, but the same percentage said they would depend entirely on satellite navigation.

59% of under 25s said they would rely entirely on sat nav, compared with just 17% of drivers aged over 65.

Click here to read the full Autonational Rescue press release.




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