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Drivers encouraged to ‘just pack it in’

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Solon Security, a leading supplier of crime prevention and community safety products, has launched a new innovation designed to block mobile phone signals.

Unveiled today at the Young Driver Focus event in London (26 April), the ‘Defender Signal Blocker’ is a storage pouch lined with a special material which prevents a mobile phone from receiving any calls or notifications.

Once a driver reaches their destination and the phone is removed from the pouch, any missed calls, texts and other notifications will be retrieved in less than five seconds.

Solon Security says the device has been launched to ‘complement awareness campaigns’ and help authorities reduce the the risks associated with mobile phones and distracted driving.

The product has the added benefit of protecting a phone from scratches and damage that may occur from being stored in the glove box or door compartment.

Mark Fleming, Solon Security general manager, said: “We know through discussions with our police and road safety customers that a huge part of the problem comes with the distraction and ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ that a phone notification creates.

“By removing this distraction and the subsequent temptation to respond, we are confident the Defender Signal Blocker can complement awareness campaigns aimed at creating safer drivers and safer roads across the UK.

“Solon are proud to add the Defender Signal Blocker to our existing wide range of road safety products and we encourage those who use their phone while driving to ‘Just Pack It In’, in every sense.”

For more information call 01352 762266, or email the sales team at Solon Security. 



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Cannot say I have seen any decrease in mobile phone use since the new penalties were introduced, it doesn't seem to have made any difference in my area. I don't think the tougher penalties will mean anything unless there is robust enforcement to back it up.
Jill Winstone Salford

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I assume they're disagreeing with the 'nothing but tougher penalties will deter people' part. This product may not be the ultimate solution, but it certainly helps along the way. In my opinion anyway... mine came today and I can confirm they do work! Anyway, safe driving all!
Chris Davids, Sheffield

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I find it odd that 9 people have disagreed that I have witnessed fewer people using mobile phones while driving. Must admit I never saw them in the back of the car with me.

Agree (3) | Disagree (2)

If the temptaion is there to use a mobile phone and you are inclinded to do so nothing other than serious penalties will deter people. I do believe that since the increased penalties have come in I see fewer people using mobile phones when driving.

Agree (1) | Disagree (15)

Keith - But then the temptation to use or check your phone is still there? Something like this pouch removes the temptation in the first place. How many people do you see checking their phones when stopped at traffic lights etc ?! From what I understand, this would at least deter them.
Chris Davids, Sheffield

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Perhaps they should develop mobile phones with a silent option or even a phone where you can turn the volume down.

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Keith - Switching a powered-off phone on can take up to 30secs though, quite a long time if there's an emergency. This gets your signal back within 5 seconds of removal according to the article. I think it's a great idea, definitely buying a couple for my daughters.
Chris Davids, Sheffield

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I can't turn my phone off when plugged in to a charger.
David Weston, Corby

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Again an innovative idea. Surley those who are inclined to buy the product would also have the sense to understand that mobiles phones come with a switch, which I believe turns the phone off and stops the distraction.

Agree (16) | Disagree (12)