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Young driver roadshow asks ‘What if?’

Friday 7th April 2017

More than 6,000 young people in Gloucestershire have taken part in a roadshow designed to equip them to be ‘safe and sociable’ road users for life.

Launched in September 2016, the ‘What if?’ roadshow provides students with the chance to experience a road traffic collision, focusing on both the physical and emotional impact.

The roadshow, which has successfully completed its first tour of the region, was developed by the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) with funding provided by Martin Surl, Gloucestershire’s police and crime commissioner.

The roadshow features a ‘hard-hitting’ road safety film which tells the story of Louis Turner and Adam James, who survived a ‘catastrophic’ crash. The audience sees exactly what happened to Louis and Adam and the presentation then explores the emotions and experiences of everyone involved before, during and after the life-changing incident.

As part of the show, the audience also hear from all three emergency services, hospital staff, family members of people who have lost their lives, drivers who have been prosecuted, and people living with serious injury as a result of a collision.

GRSP has commissioned an evaluation of the roadshow with results expected towards the end of May.

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He ought to explain why he did not take high quality driving lessons in order to become a safe driver, so to avoid crashing. And his parents should explain why they did not purchase high quality driving lessons, etc.

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Fair enough Paul - perhaps the trailer and the associated publicity could have alluded to that more though, as one would expect it to be the most crucial part of the actual film. I assume you've seen it - what was the cause and did the lesson learnt come across strongly?
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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He does so in the show's full film, this video is just a trailer.
Paul, Chepstow

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I don't know which of the individuals in the video was the driver, but it would have been useful for that person to have explained how and why it happened and what he learned to prevent it happening again.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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