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Campaign urges pedestrians to concentrate on the road

Monday 14th September 2009

At this time of year when students are starting back at schools, colleges and universities, South Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership has launched a campaign to help reduce the number of teenage pedestrian casualties.

'Pedestrian Road Skill’ is designed to get pedestrians to concentrate on the roads and look out for potential dangers. 

Andy Male, chief inspector for roads policing in South Yorkshire, said: “Road traffic collisions are the biggest cause of accidental death of 12–16 year olds in this country. We all remind younger children of the dangers of crossing the roads - however it is older children and young people who are more at risk.

“I ask parents and carers to remind them to concentrate while crossing the road and be aware of their surroundings rather than talking on their mobile phone or listening to their MP3 player.”

Campaign materials will be on display across the county. South Yorkshire Fire Service, the police, safety camera partnership and local road safety teams will also be distributing information at schools, colleges and local events.

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