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COW - the film designed to stop people txting and driving

Thursday 3rd September 2009

A film produced by Gwent police and a local filmmaker has been viewed more than six million times on Youtube and other websites in the last month.

The film is about Cassie COWan – a nice girl from a nice Gwent valleys family – who kills four people on the road because she used her mobile and lost her concentration for a few seconds.

Gwent police worked with Brynmawr filmmaker Peter Watkins- Hughes on the production, which stars local drama students Jenny Davies as Cassie, and Amy Ingram and Laura Quantick as her friends, Emm and Jules. .

More than 300 teenagers from all over Wales were auditioned to take part in the film, nine police vehicles were involved and both the police and air ambulance helicopters featured. State of the art digital special effects were utilised to show what would happen inside the car during impact.

Lyn Samuel, school liaison coordinator for Gwent Police, said: “We worked closely with the production team including the University of Wales Newport, Tredegar Comprehensive School and local partners including the council and Probation Service. The result is a very impactive road safety educational tool to help reduce the number of collisions involving young drivers across Wales.”

Chief inspector John Pavett, from Gwent Police Roads Policing Unit, hopes the serious message in this film will hit home to viewers: “Making and receiving calls and texting whilst driving is still happening on roads all over the country.  Seeing a scenario, like the one Cassie goes through, played out right before your eyes makes you realise how extremely dangerous it can be and what devastating consequences it can have."

Click here to view the film.

Click here if you would like more information about 'Cow'.  


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My teacher showed this video to my class today - it was brilliant. It gave the facts and showed the effects of dangerous driving. The fact that nothing was sugar-coated left a lasting impression and has definitely made me much more conscientious of how my actions on the road will affect others. Will keep this film in mind when I'm learning to drive!
Lotte, Sheffield

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Using mobile devices in any way is becoming a major issue. I see people using a phone while driving everywhere, as if they don't care. My friends and I, who are young individuals, know better and we sometimes scream "get off the phone while driving" together to people who are on the phone while person once responded by beeping and giving me the middle finger.
Amos H, Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

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Hi there

I am a secondary school teacher. I think this film would be ideal for showing school leavers in year 11.

Just before they leave school I think they chould see this just to remind them of the dangers they could face when not concentrating when driving. As scary and as graffic as it is, I'm 25 years old and this film has affected me greatly.

Could this film be purchased on DVD from you, or anywhere else you may know of?
Laura Halesowen

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To Whom This May Concern,

My name is Sherman J. Dukett, and I have been asked by someone to use this video, in part, to help promote a service using voice operated commands to send and receive texts, e-mails, and calls while driving or operating a vehicle utilizing bluetooth capabilities and is compatible with most phones.

I did not want to impose on any copyrights held by yourself or others, so I am respecting your request to contact you. Please, send me a message concerning the requirements you are in need of for this to happen. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Sherman J. Dukett
CEO of Ambassador Production Studio
Sherman J. Dukett-Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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I found this really moving and the way it was produced was outstanding. I have told everyone I know never ever txt whilst driving and i will be sure to pass on the message
Katie, Nantyglo gwent

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One of the best that I have seen-fantatic work all round.
Yvonne Newton (a2om)

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Amazing piece of film. The most gut wrenching part is the dead baby and the toddler wanting his parents to wake up. This should be on main stream TV. Congratulations to Gwent police and the filmakers for a superb piece of work and a powerful message.
David Midmer Wirral

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This is the exact thing that DfT needs to be taking notice of in my opinion. If it proves sucessful with the target audience they shoud consider producing equally hard-hitting clips, that are allowed on TV.
Steven Thompson - Cumbria

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This is very powerful. I have forwarded the link to my son's and they will pass to their friends. Every senior school in the country should show their pupils to illustrate the dangers of texting whilst driving. I average 1000 mile per week and regulaly see people texting whilst driving. Adults should view this as well. Well done an excellent piece of work
Dave Cartwright - Essex

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An incredibly moving film! Demonstrates the power of using a media like YouTube to reach the target audience.
Daryl Fraser - Suffolk

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I agree with Nick. I'm hoping to be able to obtain it when it becomes part of a classroom resource!
Mandy Rigault. Oxfordshire

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I think this is an incredibly powerful film. Gwent Police should be congratulated for making available the resources required to create a piece of work of this quality. It will be interesting to see what the target audience thinks - let's hope it has a very positive effect.
Nick Rawlings, Stennik

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