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Road safety team launches new phase of distraction campaign

Monday 28th November 2016

A new phase of an ongoing campaign has been launched in Brighton, in an attempt to tackle the number of road casualties caused by distraction.

Launched to coincide with Road Safety Week, ‘What Did I Miss?’ was developed by Brighton and Hove City Council and seeks to highlight the dangers of distraction to all road users.

The new campaign is the latest element of the council’s ‘Share the Roads’ campaign, which has sought to raise awareness of the dangers of distraction for the last five years.

What Did I Miss? features a point of view film (featured) which brings together the journey of a cyclist, pedestrian and van driver. They are all distracted - and get away with it - but come together at the end, this time with consequences.

Figures show 42% of the road casualties in Brighton & Hove are down to people failing to look properly or being distracted. The council says all road users contribute to this statistic, adding that mobile phones and headphones play a significant role.

What Did I Miss? targets males aged 18-35 years who are significantly overrepresented in local casualty data, which also shows that people driving for work are involved in 30% of collisions – with van drivers making up an increasing number of these.

Brighton and Hove City Council adds that although ‘cycling is much better for you than not cycling’, the increase in the number of people cycling in the city has been accompanied by an increase in collisions and casualties, with more than 80% occurring near junctions.


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