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LARSOA slams texting peer's early release

Monday 16th March 2009

LARSOA has branded the early release of the Labour peer Lord Ahmed as setting an irresponsible precedent.

The peer was jailed for 12 weeks last month for charges relating to a collision on the M1 in which a man was killed. However, he was released on 12 March after serving only 16 days of his sentence

David Frost, LARSOA’s press and PR officer said: “Lord Ahmed’s early release sends a message that it is possible to carry out dangerous driving behaviour and not have to face the consequences.

“It would appear that Lord Ahmed has been released early because of the potential damage to his ability to carry out community work, but that decision disregards the damage that has been caused to the family and friends of the man who was killed as a result of his actions.

“Anyone convicted of a motoring offence has committed a crime and should serve their full sentence to send out a clear deterrent to all road users.

“Driving requires 100% concentration and anything that takes attention away from keeping control of your vehicle - such as sending a text message or smoking a cigarette - can have potentially fatal results.”


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