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Hampshire Police initiative encourages cyclists to ‘be bright and be seen’

Friday 28th October 2016

Hampshire Police has been advising cyclists to ‘Be bright and be seen - it could save your life’, as part of a week of action.

Organised in the lead up to the clocks going back this weekend, the initiative was led by the Force’s Joint Operations Unit, which covers Hampshire and the Thames Valley.

Hampshire Police says with the clocks going back cyclists are more vulnerable on the commute to and from work. Officers have been reminding cyclists about the importance of riding with lights, and speaking to motorists to ensure they are considerate of fellow road users.

Officers have carried out a series of operations across the county to offer advice and a selection of ‘freebies’ to help boost safety, including fluorescent rucksack covers and neck tubes, and ‘get you home lights’ for cyclists without lights.

A new 'Get a Grip' cycle safety booklet, giving advice to create safer roads for everyone, has been distributed to cyclists and drivers.

Primary schools have also been involved, with pupils encouraged to wear bright clothing as part of ‘Your Time to Shine Day’.

Speaking prior to the event, Rob Heard, road safety sergeant, said: “Cycling is a great way to keep fit and healthy, however cyclists are one of our vulnerable road users and when they are involved in a collision the injuries can be serious.

“As the light reduces and visibility diminishes it’s a good idea for all road users to be bright and visible. Despite the dangers, some cyclists take the risk of riding without lights, which as well as being illegal, increases their risk of being involved in a collision.

"We hope that this week of action will remind both cyclists and motorists that a little extra consideration of each other will make our roads safer for everyone."



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Best thing I saw last week was a male cyclist out in the dark evening and he was wearing high vis and also had a helmet light front and back. Both lights on his bike and also flashing red arm bands on both arms. Looked good and definitely was visible. That said as there was little external lighting source his high vis vest did not work well. The reflective strips also only work in limited lighting conditions where there is a light source coming from the same direction of those viewing it. There or about 7% either side. Other than that the reflective tape will not illuminate and reflect that light back to the eyes.

5 minutes later I came across an idiot on a bike with no lights and no hi vis and no reflective or even light clothing and nearly took him off the road he had just ridden onto from off the pavement in order to avoid conflict with pedestrians.

Two extremes there.
Bob Craven Lancs

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