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Biker Down conference will seek to ‘set standards’

Wednesday 14th September 2016

The 2016 National Biker Down Conference will be held in Stevenage on 7 October and there are still places available for road safety professionals wishing to attend.

Originally developed by Kent Fire & Rescue Service, Biker Down provides bikers with advice about what to do if a fellow rider comes off their bike.

The free-to-attend course covers scene management, first aid and how bikers can make themselves more visible to other road users. Biker Down is currently being delivered by 24 fire & rescue teams across the UK.

In 2012 Biker Down gained a coveted Prince Michael International Road Safety Award and a year later it received a National 'Alarm' Award.

The 2016 Conference aims to help set standards for all Biker Down teams and fire & rescue services across the UK.

At present, 20 different fire services will be represented at the event along with a number of road safety partnerships and representatives from IAM RoadSmart.

For more information or to register interest in attending the conference, which is being held at the Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service Training Centre, contact Jim Sanderson on 01622 692121 or via email.


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Although Jim Sanderson of KFRS would be better placed to answer, AFAIK Biker Down teams are staffed on a volunteer basis, and require staff within each FRS to be prepared to put their time forward to run the course. I've been part of the Kent FRS team since the inception of the scheme and give up an evening every couple of weeks to present the 'Science of Being Seen' module.
Kevin Williams / Survival Skills Rider Training

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Whilst I applaud every effort that firemen are making to keep bikers safe can I ask, if there are 24 teams teaching first aid skill just how many are not as yet prepared to do it and if so when will they be prepared to do it?

Whilst 24 seems a good amount maybe if it's nationwide shouldn't it be at least ten times that amount? They have had at least a year since the initial conference.
Bob Craven, Lancs

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