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Wednesday 19th August 2009

Click here to see James Gibson's interview about drug driving and the new THINK! drug driving campaign.


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Good one James.
Very clearly put across that this is a start of more to come nationally and buids on what many local Road Safety Teams are already delivering. The national campaign does raise the issue of driving whilst impaired through drugs to all road users and a wider audience. It should alos get those who currently do drive whilst under the influence of illicit drugs realising that although there isn't currently a 'drugalyser' as such, the police are trained to spot and carry out tests to confirm impairment at the TIME the offence is committed. You also rightly pointed out there needs to be more to come in the future, and that should also include both over the counter and prescribed medication and the possible effects on driving.
David Frost, Head of Road Safety Services, Cambridgeshire County Council

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