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Herts partnership day raises awareness of key road safety issues

Thursday 8th September 2016

More than 1,000 people attended an event organised by the Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership last weekend to raise awareness of key issues such as drink and drug driving.

The road safety ‘family fun day’, held at County Hall in Hertford on 4 September, brought together a wide range of road safety organisations from across the county.

Visitors were able to talk to members of the emergency services and experience a simulated collision in the partnership’s crash car. There was also an opportunity to experience what it is like to drive while under the influence of drink or drugs by wearing special ‘beer goggles’.

Other highlights on the day included the opportunity to learn more about the School Crossing Patrol and the Dial-a-ride services and a visit from the Herts Air Ambulance, which also benefitted from the proceeds on the day. Organisations represented on the day included the Road Victims Trust and the British Horse Society.

Catch up with a whole range of pictures from the event by following Road Safety Herts on Twitter or be searching the #HertsRSDay2016 hashtag.



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The frustrating thing about events like this is that whilst those involved feel it is a worthwhile exercise and it is no doubt interesting for the audience, it is not knowing whether, after all is said and done, does it really have any effect on collisions? Do any of the individuals watching subsequently feel motivated to alter their driving behaviour for the better, or is it all forgotten once they're out on the road, behind the wheel again again?
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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