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Free graphic available to RSGB members in response to ‘Pokemon Go’ craze

Tuesday 19th July 2016

Room 9 Media is offering free of charge to Road Safety GB members a graphic designed to remind young pedestrians of the potential dangers of distraction while playing Pokemon Go.

Room Nine Media has produced an alternative version of its young pedestrian distraction campaign in response to the Pokemon Go craze that is currently sweeping the nation.

The original campaign, ‘Look don’t ‘Like’, was launched last month to address the problem of distraction among young pedestrians who use mobiles phones while crossing the road. The campaign comprises a suite of resources including school gate banners, posters and pop up exhibition stands.

The new version, ‘Look before you catch’ is aimed at Pokemon hunters who may be distracted while ‘catching’.

The image is being made available free of charge to Road Safety GB members to use on social media feeds. It is available for download from the members' area of the Road Safety GB website.

For more information about ‘Look before you catch’ and ‘Look don’t ‘Like’ contact John Billington by email or on 01384 422578.


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Yes Matt – as with all our work it’s always developed in consultation with sample members of the target group. The LOOK DON’T ‘LIKE’ messages were more specifically age related whereas the adapted version for Pokemon catchers was road tested with some well-informed catchers of different ages!
John, Room 9 Media

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Has any testing with the target audience(s) been done for this, or the 'Look don't like', graphics?
Matt Staton, Cambridgeshire

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Thanks for your comments Liam.

Firstly yes – most people here are chasing Pokemon so it’s well within our remit to comment on it! I think it’s wrong to assume that one specific approach will be the most appealing to “gamers” as Pokemon catching is practised by such a diverse group: children, young adults and grown - ups alike!

On this occasion rather than produce a message to visually reflect the game itself, we went for a “reality check” which focuses on pedestrians. We could equally have targeted drivers.

I don’t share your view that all road safety adverts look the same as I think there are a vast range of approaches and styles. On this occasion we chose to go with a realistic context. But yes if you choose to portray a pedestrian on the roadside or a driver in a car there will be inevitable similarities!
John Billington Room 9 Media

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Was this put together by somebody that has actually looked at the game or knows the people playing it because it looks just like every other piece of road safety literature out there. These gamers are programmed to look for references to the game like the images, font or colour scheme - this piece will unfortunately be lost in the background.
Liam - Essex

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