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Mixed reaction to 'billy bollards'

Monday 17th August 2009

Mannequin-style bollards that resemble children are being used as a traffic-calming measure outside a school in Leicester.

The 'billy' bollards are part of a traffic calming scheme and 20 mph zone around Avenue Primary School in Leicester. The scheme was introduced to help address issues identified in the School Travel Plan, and to counter a history of accidents. 

Mark Korczak, from Leicester's road safety team, said: "Speed isn't a major problem where the bollards have been placed. Their main purpose is to make parents think twice before bouncing up the kerb and parking half on the footway.

"The bollards are also a visual reminder to drivers that they are passing a school. It will be interesting to see if they are more effective than standard bollards."

To date, the bollards have had a mixed reaction, according to a report in the Daily Mail, with the RAC voicing a concern that they will distract drivers from concentrating on the road.

Patrick Kitterick, Leicester City Council's cabinet member for regeneration and transport, said: “There's been a mixed reaction to them. Some people find them scary but some others find them amusing. The whole point is whether it is successful and if people actually find they slow down.”

Paul Watters, AA head of road policy, said: 'It is a nice idea but it's a shame they can't be retracted when it isn't term time. I worry they will be vandalised and can see people having a laugh with them after a few drinks on a Friday night.”

A spokesman for the RAC added: “There is a concern that the statues will become a distraction with drivers focusing on them rather than the road ahead.”

For further information contact Mark Korczak on 0116 223 2104, or click here to read the full Daily Mail news report.


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These bollards were tried in Nottingham in 2003 (according to and other places too. Any reports on whether they were successful?
D Sharp, Midlothian.

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