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Hertfordshire initiatives help eliminate drunk pedestrian fatalities

Monday 10th August 2009

A series of initiatives by Hertfordshire’s road safety unit appear to have helped eliminate drunk pedestrian casualties in the county.

On average 2-3 pedestrians are killed each year in Hertfordshire as a result of being drunk and in 2007 there were 48 drunk pedestrian casualties in the county. 

The road safety unit has been campaigning to raise awareness of the problem for three years and there have not been any fatalities during campaign periods. And in 2008 there were no drunk pedestrian fatalities at all.

Campaigns have included giving fortune cookies to drivers warning them to watch out for drunk pedestrians, advent-calendar style leaflets giving drinkers advice on getting home safely and a Textataxi campaign.

Textataxi encouraged residents to text the name of their town to a five digit code in exchange for licensed taxi numbers in the area. Temporary tattoos with the number on were also given away at events, local bar staff wore T-shirts advertising it and it was also broadcast on local radio. 

As part of the campaign RSOs have spoken to more than 1,000 residents and reached more than 14,000 more via direct marketing.

Theresa Casbard, head of the road safety unit, said: “People don’t realise the extent of the drunk pedestrian problem or how serious the incidents are. 

“The drunk walking home has been parodied and often raises a smile but the reality can be very tragic. The media, professionals and the public need to recognise this for the serious issue it is.” 

For more information contact Kirsty Favell.


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