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RoSPA launches child safety on driveways survey

Thursday 6th August 2009

New research by RoSPA aims to cut the number of children killed or injured when they are struck by vehicles on driveways.

The Royal Society has indentified a number of incidents suggesting that as many toddlers are killed by vehicles on driveways as in road traffic collisions, and is conducting a survey among parents, grandparents, guardians and carers of children aged up to seven years.

RoSPA began looking into the issue after it was approached by the family of 17-month-old Iain Goodwill, who died in 2007 after being struck by a car on the driveway of his home. Iain's family is now striving to raise awareness of the issue in the hope it will prevent others enduring similar tragedies.

In 2007, three children aged between one and two years were killed while travelling in cars on Britain's roads. An analysis of press reports from 2007 revealed that three children in the same age group were killed by vehicles on driveways. And press cuttings from 2008 show that at least eight children aged up to seven-years-old died after being struck by vehicles on driveways or elsewhere in the grounds of their homes.

RoSPA's survey is anonymous and includes questions about times when children have followed unknowing adults outside onto driveways, and when vehicles have been manoeuvred on driveways without adults knowing that children were around.

Click here to view or complete the survey.



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