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New study says texting makes a crash 23 times more likely

Wednesday 29th July 2009

A new US study has concluded that driving while texting makes a road crash 23 times more likely.

The study, conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), continuously observed drivers for more than six  million miles of driving.

It concluded that texting while driving carries the highest risk of all mobile phone related tasks.

The study concludes: 'Driving is a visual task and non-driving activities that draw the driver's eyes away from the roadway, such as texting and dialling, should always be avoided."

In a report in the Mirror earlier this week, Rich Hanowski, who headed the study, said: "Texting is in its own universe of risk."

Using a hand-held mobile while driving has been illegal since 2003 but there is currently no separate offence of texting at the wheel.

Click here
to read the full Mirror news report.

Click here to read the full VTTI news release.


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