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Southampton Council adopts Project Pictogram

Friday 6th November 2015

Southampton City Council is the latest organisation to sign up to Project Pictogram*, using bus-stop posters to raise awareness of the initiative.

The council’s road safety team is hoping the initiative will highlight ‘potentially deadly’ driver behaviour habits while encouraging Southampton’s business fleets to get involved in the initiative.

The council is following in the footsteps of the Hampshire FA, who last month became the first sports association to pledge its support for the initiative.

Launched in September, ‘Project Pictogram’ encourages UK fleets and organisations to use an industry standard set of vehicle stickers to communicate the dangers of the ‘fatal four’: inappropriate speed, using a mobile phone while driving, not wearing a seatbelt and drink/drug driving.

Greg Churcher, from Southampton City Council's road safety team, said: “This simple striking poster design has two key objectives.

“Firstly, it introduces and raises awareness of the pictograms which are becoming an increasingly common sight on the roads of Southampton as local business fleets join our own fleet, Hampshire County Council and Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service in displaying these driver behaviour reminders on the back of their vehicles.

“It also directs motorists to the Project Pictogram web page where they can find links to additional sources of help should they wish to develop their own driver skills further.”

Project Pictogram update

An updated version (2.6) of the Project Pictogram guidelines is now available. The update aims to make the initiative more user friendly and includes new cyclist/biker blind spot reminder stickers to work as car sets with Pictogram's window topper and in cab reminder stickers. Click here to download for free.



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