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'Lollipops' highlighted in Trafalgar Square

Monday 20th July 2009

Annabel Matharu, from Warwickshire’s road safety team, spent an hour in Trafalgar Square to highlight the work of school crossing patrols, as part of sculptor Anthony Gormley’s latest project. 

Annabel said “I was randomly selected to take part in this project to place a different person for one hour, every hour for 100 days on the empty fourth plinth (in Trafalgar Square).

“I decided to wear the uniform of a School Crossing Patrol to highlight the wonderful work our lollipop men and women do, which turned out to be an appropriate decision as it was an evening of sunshine and heavy showers!”

For more information contact Annabel on 10926 418062.


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Well Done Annabel!
It is not ofeten the good work patrols do gets recognised, Thank you.
Linda Harrington, Derby City SCP Service Manager

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