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Child road safety resources now available to order

Thursday 15th October 2015

A new resource which aims to help teach school children about the dangers posed by commercial vehicles is now available to order online.

Earlier this year, Road Safety GB and Scania joined forces to produce ‘Stay Safe On The Road’, which seeks to teach children aged 10-11 years about commercial vehicle blind spots and rear-wheel 'cut in' when turning corners.

The resource is part theoretical and part practical and delivered in accordance with a full lesson plan developed especially for the programme.

During the lesson, worksheets compare students' knowledge of blind spots and cut-in before and after teaching in order to ascertain the learning gained during the session.

Following the lesson, each student is given a personal copy of the Stay Safe on the Road booklet and a poster is left with the school to display as an aide memoire.

The final parts of the process are three follow up sessions at intervals of six weeks and three and six months.  These are delivered by the school and are designed to measure students’ retention of the programme's messages over the longer term.

Speaking at the time of launch, Honor Byford, chair of Road Safety GB, said: "The objective of this initiative is to show children how to stay safe when cycling or walking near commercial vehicles.

“Our intention is that the programme should now be delivered to children the length and breadth of the UK, and our hope is that the industry will come together and provide assistance to help us succeed in that aim."

Click here for more information or to order a quantity of Stay Safe On The Road.


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