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THINK! highlights priorities and campaigns for 2015/16

Thursday 24th September 2015

Country roads, drink driving, drug driving and cycling are the four key areas the THINK! campaign will focus on between now and April 2016.

These four themes are revealed in the THINK! campaign marketing plan and campaign calendars for 2015/6 and 2016/7, which have been published today.

The programme will commence with a revamped Country Roads campaign, which will run from mid-October to late-November, and again in January 2016. The main focus of the campaign, which first launched in October 2014, is to persuade drivers to “brake before the bend, not on it”, by raising awareness of unexpected hazards that could be around the bend.

A new festive drink drive campaign will run from end-November until the end of December, and will include TV advertising. The campaign will, as usual, run in tandem with the National Police Chiefs Council’s (NPCC) drink and drug drive enforcement campaign.

The THINK! campaign will once again be supported by partner activity including Coca-Cola’s designated driver campaign, which provides soft drinks to designated drivers; and Johnnie Walker’s ‘Join the Pact’ campaign which asks drivers to commit to never drinking and driving.

A THINK! drug drive campaign will run from mid February to end-March 2016, and will set out to heighten among drivers the perceived risk of getting caught. The campaign is timed to coincide with the first anniversary of the introduction of new drug drive legislation in March 2014.

Finally, a THINK! cycling campaign will run from March to April 2016. The team is currently reviewing whether to continue running Transport for London’s ‘tips’ campaign in cities outside London or whether to develop a new approach.

In addition to the four main campaigns, THINK! will also run three secondary campaigns focusing on motorcycling, child and teen safety and young drivers.

The THINK! website is also in the process of being comprehensively revamped. The new site will consolidate content from several existing sites and will be optimised for smartphones and tablets.

The THINK! team is also producing new content on child car seats, in order to satisfy demand for more information on this topic from parents and others.



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At last, nothing about speed. Common sense must be prevailing at the DfT.
Robert Bolt, St Albans

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Hi Bob
Do you want to email me further details at
Tim Lennon, Department for Transport

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Thanks for that info Nick I must have had the wrong glasses on and thanks Tim. I look forward to reading about it.

Tim. Bye the Bye.... have you ever thought about THINK SPACE, or DISTANCE. All about S.126 Highway Code reminding drivers and others of what is considered a Safe Distance and not being just a few feet behind the vehicle in front. It encompasses obviously all about tailgating as an offence but more so about its dangers and how many driving situations can be improved if good Safe Space is adopted by drivers and benefits all other road users. It doesn't just concentrate on speed, tho speed can be part of it. People are sick to death about speed being rammed down their throats. Everyone will benefit. Can let u have details if you wish.
Bob Craven Lancs...Space is Safe Campaign

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Hi Bob
There will still be activity aimed at motorcyclists. We will continue to communicate a range of safety messages to motorcyclists via our THINK BIKER Facebook page. We're also planning to extend the country roads campaign to target bikers in spring 16.
Tim Lennon, Department for Transport

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The news report says:
In addition to the four main campaigns, THINK! will also run three secondary campaigns focusing on motorcycling, child and teen safety and young drivers.
Nick Rawlings, editor, Road Safety News

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With the well known statistics of motorcycle incidents and casualty rates I am extremely disappointed that there is not one single campaign designated for them either on country roads not even in the spring/early summer and or possibly one for urban commuters any time of the year.
Bob Craven, Lancs. Space is Safe Campaigner

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